October 25, 2016

The Tuesday October 25 meeting has been moved to Thursday October 27!!!

Dont come to the church tonight unless you want to be apart of the Christian Science Church Board Meeting


October 5, 2016

Congrats to our new candidates:


Remy Sher- Forum Liaison

Christina Morton: Chief Whip

Ezra Hecht: Chief Justice

Sid Hirshberg: NICPC

Grace Holtzclaw: Youth Governor

Dakota Rose: District Attorney

New Forms

September 14, 2016

Hi East Valley!

If you were at the last meeting, our lead adviser, Oscar, told us about the new forms and standards that address applied and elected leadership. Attached are all of the documents you may need for if you have any intention in running! Please bring these filled out to the next meeting.

Applied Leadership Application – T&E 1

Applied Leadership Application – T&E 2

Legislature Changes

Elected Leadership – Category 1 & 2

Elected leadership – Category 3

Forum Elected Leadership

Elections Changes

Authorization Form

Code of Conduct

MLC Registration 2016-2017


Delegate of the Month – Sid Hirshberg

September 5, 2016

Sid Hirshberg

Since he joined Youth and Government as a forum delegate four years ago, Sid Hirshberg has been one of the most revered members of the East Valley Family YMCA. Sid is a rigorous debater and animated speaker, with a larger than life personality and a sense of humor to boot. Now a senior at Campbell Hall in Studio City, Sid has big plans for the upcoming year, but took some time to reflect on some of the fondest memories he has of the program. 

When he was in the eighth grade, Sid was introduced to the Model United Nations program at the recommendation of a teacher and a couple of friends. As he put it, “I loved it from the start and I just never looked back.” Sid joined Y&G as a forum delegate, and recalls role models and mentors Ben Lezebnik and Willie Clemons as “…incredible people and incredible delegates who laid bare their souls for the delegation.” Four years later, Sid is carrying on Willie’s legacy as President of Campbell Hall’s Young Democrats Club. 

Sid would contend that the most important way he has grown since joining Y&G is socially, because, though he entered as a socially awkward person, the program helped him “find a niche where he fit in,” as well as make him more informed about world affairs, and become exposed to new perspectives from people all around the city and the state. 


Outside of Y&G, Sid is an avid Grand Strategy PC gamer, citing Paradox Crusader Kings II as his all-time favorite. He also is a creative writer and big reader; the last great book he read was The Great Gatsby, and he even claims that he identifies most with self-made millionaire and titular character Jay Gatsby. Since school started, however, Sid has had to put his nose to the grindstone and “work, work, work.” 

Finally, when asked to describe himself in three words, Sid gave an answer that was greeted with unanimous agreement in the interview room: “Does his best.”

Written by Eli Harris

New Delegate of the Month – Shae Wolfenden

September 4, 2016

Shae Wolfenden is a brand new forum delegate to the East Valley Family’s Youth & Government program. Hailing from North Hollywood High School’s Zoo Magnet, she recounts that her reasoning for joining Youth & Government is to, “get more involved,” as “politics has always been a really big part of [her] life.” Shae’s parents have always been openminded and pushing her to go forth and express her opinions openly–especially through politics as a whole.

Shae expresses that she is most excited about getting to know people in our diverse East Valley family. She wants to actively involve herself in debates and meet those who have an all encompassing differing background than herself. Hearing about Youth & Government from delegate Gwen Goldman, she explains that even with her politically thrived upbringing, she still wants to obtain, “a better understanding of politics and public speaking,” also, “Youth & Government always looks good on a college application!”

Once being asked if she has already felt the East Valley Family love, she was surprised to say, “I feel it, and it’s only my second meeting!”

Welcome to the East Valley Family’s Youth & Government, Shae!


Written by Etta Friedman

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