Delegate of the Week – Sam Krugliak

March 3, 2016


You may have seen this week’s delegate of the week up at the podium running the raffle every Tuesday, or you may have heard of him at statewide conferences as that EVY kid with the Menchie’s hat and gold chain. However, Sam Krugliak is much more than just East Valley’s famous raffle liaison.

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Photos from the Awards Ceremony


Photos from Sacramento

February 20, 2016

Sacramento Survival Guide

February 9, 2016

In less than two days, East Valley will be heading north on the Interstate 5 freeway, with most of its two hundred delegates and advisors on their way to Sacramento. Unless you are one of the lucky few flying to our state’s capital, you will have to endure a seven-hour bus ride, restricted to a top speed of fifty-five miles an hour. Whether you are a forum delegate or a four-year senior, at least once or twice over the unbelievably long drive, your mind will likely slip into wondering about what will happen over the next four days. For many, with each mile of bleak desert and indistinguishable farmland, you will be venturing a mile further into the unknown. Luckily, in a long-standing tradition of, I have prepared for you my most sincere, last-minute attempt at a guide to Sacramento that trumps all packing lists, “pro tips,” or “Y&G life hacks” of any sort.

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Statewide – Ariana Trujillo

February 8, 2016

Ariana Trujillo, a junior delegate from our very own East Valley Family YMCA, is running to serve as the 69th Youth Governor and preside over next year’s Model Legislature & Court. She is entering the race in Sacramento as one of five finalists for Youth Governor after being elected within the unaffiliated party convention in Fresno.

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