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Alumnus of the Month: Dina Ben-Nissan

Dina Ben-Nissan, the editor in chief of social media and photography for the 2013-2014 Youth and Government year has done nothing but blossom into a hardworking and intelligent college student, while maintaining an aura of coolness that every EVY delegate strives for.


How has your life changed since y and g?

What have you been up to?

Do you have any advice to future delegates?


I’m currently a freshman at Syracuse University in New York. I’m also working as a photo editor for a magazine at my school called Juiced Magazine. To be completely honest I don’t think I would have gotten the position if it wasn’t for youth and government. Working as the Editor in Chief of photography and social media on the media team last year helped me gain so much experience when it comes to leadership and working creatively with a group of peers. Youth and government helped me form connections and relationships with so many different people. I don’t think I would be the person I am today if it wasn’t for Y&G or YMCA Camp Whittle (which is an amazing summer camp that everybody should volunteer at). My only advice to future delegates is to cherish every moment you have in Y&G, don’t take anything for granted because it goes by a lot quicker than you think.

Mack Kenny, Articles and Content Editor

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2014/2015 Buddy List

Julia Greene – Odessa Adlon
Jake Hunnewell – Becca Rose
Sophie Wilks – Madi Duvernay
Nick Vernet – Eli Harris
Claire Vossler – Clara Pierone
Matt Nissan – Sara McMahon
Chad Gasman – Lilian Fox Peckos
Jake Mendel – Matteo Debole
Gabe Lizer-Gabriel
Matthew Henricks – Luke Minck
Camila Leon-India Keefer / Lulu
Adam Abraham – Lilly Sheridan-Tishkoff
Gideon Adlon – Spencer Ganus
Dylan Getchman / Mack Kenny – Ivan Bermudez
Josh Sturm / Jordy Roth – Ricky Alossi
Cassio Mendoza – Judy Vallente
Jordan Lam – Madison Zill
Gracie Kanigher – Sarah Tashman
Garret Ashby – Celest Ollivier
Kevin Tavangari – Scout Turkel
Drew Reilman – Harper Lambert
Sid Hirschberg / Parker Wespiser – Ripley Filipowich
Jake Hurwitz / Ben Marullo – Marcella Gustavino
Matty Gregg – Max Fleishman
Grant Getchman / Ted Goldstein-Keaton Tam
Jayna Won – Megan Davies
Maggie Yu – Ezra Kahn
Katja Farin – Rebecca Kremen
Menen Basha – Izzy Antonelli
Erika Baldwin – Grace Holzclaw
Anne Caroline Lima – Donna Chung / Jamie Talia Strickler
Amber Flores – Gahnae Williams
Vera Drymon – Lily Walker
Isabella Fortier – Antonia Klima
Molly Schiffer – Sadie Calvano / Payson Whitwell
Danny Levy – Ezra Hecht
Charlotte Barrielle – Isobel Grant
Nicholas Sweeny – Katie Lyon
Julianne Glass – Chloe Mirijanian
Ania Lakritz – Ella Fanger
Gabriel Bridges – Joshua Weintraub
Theo Sher – Henry Moray
Kimberly Pearlman – Ruby Cruz
Julia Feldman – Kimberly Romero
Brandon Yu – Josh Mironer
Oonagh McDowell – Genevieve Nollinger
Polly Pierone – Lily Jackson
Addie Meyer – Katie Stermer
Jake Kessler – Gabby Weltma
Charlie Burke – Julia Baklayan
Leona Johnson – Olivia Debonis
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Sadie Spezzano-Olivia Campbell / Ariana Trujillo
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