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Campaign Fundraising

Mack Kenny, Articles and Content Editor

       There are two kinds of campaigning in Youth and Government. There’s the kind where we parade around holding signs with the lovely faces of our delegates on them, shouting about why they’re clearly the best. However, there’s also a kind of campaign you may not have heard of. It’s not quite as glamorous or loud, but it forms the all important foundation of the program you know and love. As any good legislative analyst knows, fiscal impact and responsibility are very important factors to consider, especially when they have real world impact. But what is campaign? Why is it such a big deal? Who’s in charge? Camila Leon is a campaign leader/coordinator and makes sure all the backstage aspects of Y&G run smoothly. She explained that, “Campaign is one of East Valley Family YMCA’s most important fundraisers, annually raising around $40,000 toward just Y&G and MUN alone.” This yearly program may seem like it doesn’t have any bearing on the average delegate, but with the annual campaign  paying for scholarships to the program, chances are you know someone whose experience is payed for by the effort of committed delegates like Camila and the generous donors that pledge money to East Valley. If more money is raised, “We can give out more generous scholarships” to passionate delegates who require financial aid. Beyond scholarships, campaign money also goes toward “Getting nicer things like coach buses.” While coach buses may not seem that important, trust me, you’ll appreciate them on the way to Sacramento. Campaign is beyond important to our delegation, and you can help. Get involved by “volunteering during campaign season which starts February 18!” I encourage you to contact Camila for more information on this important fundraiser and lend a hand.

New Ted Talk From 68th Youth Governor Candidate Ted Goldstein!

Ted Goldstein talking about the environment. Make sure to “like” his page to stay updated with his campaign!

New “Ted” Talk From 68th Youth Governor Candidate Ted Goldstein!

Make sure to “like” his page too!

Ted Goldstein for 68th Youth Governor