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Lieutenant Governor Candidate Chad Gasman

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Mack Kenny, Articles and Content Editor

This week the East Valley delegates were proud to learn that Chad Gasman (Lovingly nicknamed Chad Sassman) will be our candidate for the position of Lieutenant Governor this year. While Chad has been chosen to represent our delegation this year, delegates spoke fondly of all of our candidates. Kevin Tavangari said, “All of the candidates did great. The coolest thing I saw was how great they were at answering questions on the spot. They were really good about rolling with the punches.” That’s what we like to see in our candidates. Though a silly question from delegate Jordan was sorely missed, the delegates did do an excellent job answering questions provided by the officer team. When I interviewed East Valley delegate Danny Levy before the election results were revealed, he correctly predicted the outcome. “I’d say Chad is going to win,” Danny guessed. And his guess was correct. What’s great about our delegates is they were as supportive of Chad as they would have been if any of the other candidates had won. And they find it tough to choose between so many great candidates. Danny told me, “It’s so hard for me to vote and decide,” as he frowned. He clearly had a tough time choosing, as did all of the delegates. East Valley delegate Josh Mironer simply stated, “Chad has passion.” It’s a statement that I can proudly agree with and we all hope and know that Chad can carry that passion to our upcoming Training and Elections conference. Congratulations to Chad Gasman. Our 2014 candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

EVY Meeting 9/16

9/16 Meeting

Mack Kenny, Articles and Content Editor

         This week’s Youth and Government meeting was one of the most informative and interesting ones yet. Starting with a bang, delegates participated in a group ice-breaker, choosing to agree or disagree on topics ranging from iPhones to privatized space exploration. One delegate observed that when the sun goes supernova and destroys the earth humans will have evolved to be a different life form completely, and therefore, defunding space exploration will not endanger any humans. Moments like this really show the ingenious essence of what Y and G is all about, and more Importantly, what East Valley Family YMCA is all about. With delegates discussing such prevalent topics as ISIS and President Obama’s recent choice to provide moderate rebels with weapons, this meeting was one of the most topical so far.  The delegates have began discussing topics for bills and are learning how to write them. Come by next week to see how far they’ve come!

Photos from our Meeting – Sept. 16

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Photos from our Meeting – Sept. 9

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