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Photos from our Meeting – Sept. 9

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One on Ones

IMG_8371Mack Kenny, Articles and Content Editor

         Every year in Y&G, Casey Banks makes a certain advisor announcement within the first few meetings of the year. He informs the delegates that they must attend a non-optional “one-on-one” meeting at East Valley YMCA. This statement is usually met with confused murmurs from new delegates, and questions like, “What’s a one-on-one?” or “Why do we even have to do that?” Both of which are valid questions to ask. Especially if you’re a new delegate, the whole prospect of one-on-ones can be confusing and maybe even intimidating at first. However, as most returning delegates know, one-on-ones are not something to be scared of.

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2014-2015 East Valley Youth and Government!

Mack Kenny, Articles and Content Editor 

         The 2014-2015 session of Youth and Government is just getting underway, and things are looking great for East Valley. There are quite a few fresh faces along with the returning delegates at the last meeting on August 26th, and East Valley is on track to continue being a large delegation. Even though East Valley is a large delegation, most delegates describe it as a family. We have the close knit aspects of a small delegation, despite our numbers, which is just one part of what makes us so unique. I checked in with our quite a few of our new delegates to get their perspective on this year of Y&G, and what it’s like to join the East Valley family. Continue reading article